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You've accessed Brad Jones' homepage. I'm an Associate Professor in the Political Science Department at the University of California, Davis. This website will take you to pages for some of the various courses that I teach. If you are one of my undergraduate or graduate students, then you should bookmark this page as you will be asked to access it on a regular basis in order to download class information, lecture notes, problem sets, and so forth. In addition to having course information, there are links to political science websites, information pertaining to my own research, and links to things I find interesting...which would be running and music.

Contact Information:
Professor Brad Jones
Department of Political Science
One Shields Avenue
1246A Social Sciences
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA 95616-8682

Phone: 530.752.1649
Fax: 530.752.8666
E-mail: bsjjones@ucdavis.edu

University of California, Davis, Political Science Homepage

Professional Information:
Current C.V.

 Event History Modeling: A Guide for Social Scientists WEB PAGE

Course Links:
Current Undergraduate Level Courses

POL 196A: Research in Latino Politics

Graduate Level Courses

Political Science 212: Linear Models and Extensions

Political Science 213: MLE

Political Science 290G: Topics in Methodology

The Running Dog (Methodology Reading Group)

The Running Dog



Course Links (From University of Arizona):
Current Undergraduate Level Courses
Political Science 407 (FALL 2005): Congress and American Politics

Graduate Level Courses
Political Science 681 (SPRING 2006): Intermediate Statistical Methods (Graduate Level)
Political Science 682 (FALL 2004): Advanced Statistical Methods (Graduate Level)
Political Science 596A (SPRING 2004): Research Seminar on the U.S. Congress (Graduate Level)

Click here to find ICPSR Event History Materials

Some Political Science Links:
Political Methodology Homepage
American Political Science Association
Political Science Data
Paul Hensel's Web Page (Great for Data)

Fun Stuff:
Link to my wife's art website.
My Running Page
My Music Page