Welcome to the Political Science 213 Homepage

Professor Brad Jones

Department of Political Science

University of California, Davis


Course Syllabus


Poster Session/Research Write-Up

Description of Project


Lecture Slides

Some Preliminaries

Introduction to Maximum Likelihood

Binary Response Models

Stata-based Lecture Notes on Logit and Probit

Some Notes on Odds Ratios

Multicategory Response Models

Stata-based Notes on Ordinal Models

Stata-based notes on MNL

Stereotype Logit Model

Stata-based notes on Conditional Logit

Models for Event Count Data

Post-Estimation Uncertainty and Effects Displays

Nested Logit, Truncation and Censoring

Introduction to Matching Methods

Nonparametric Regression


Problem Sets

Distributions, Likelihood, and R

Optimizing a Logit

Multicategorical Response Models



Exam 1

Some R Script for Probit Model

Exam 2 (Due Friday, May 12, 9:00 AM)

(Data Sets needed for Exam)







Sekhon Article on Matching


R Code

Coin Flips Script (Plain Text File)

R Script for MLE and Logit

R Script for Ordinal Models

Stata script for Ordinal Models

R Script for Event Count Models

R Script for Zelig using Benoit voting data. (Zelig 1)

R Script for Zelig using Benoit conflict data. (Zelig 2)

R Script for Nonparametric Regression



Data Sets Used in Lectures

Simulated data for logit optimization lecture (Stata format; used library(foreign) to read into R)

Stata data set for script on MLE and Logit

Data set for problem set 3

Stata data set on Affirmative Action (can be used with script for ordinal models)

Stata data set on Immigration Attitudes (can be used with script for ordinal models)

Boehmke Data for Event Count R script

Stata 10 version of data that works with Zelig 1

Stata 10 version of data that works with Zelig 2





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